Annie Passanisi

Annie Passanisi, Happiness Advocate and Whimsy Coach, is a second generation motivator, as well as a Chicago-based actor and writer. She is the author of The Spark Anthology and Happiness Advocacy or How Positive Psychology Will Save Us from Zombies . The Grand Destroyer of Fear Zombies, Annie is the founder of Happiness Advocates and would like to remind you your good mood isn’t a right – it’s a civic duty. She is 4’11”, bakes a mean cherry pie, loves Nat King Cole, and fully intends to survive the zombie apocalypse and live in a palatial treehouse.

Annie’s Website, Twitter, Vlog, and Manifesto

Megan Collier

Megan Collier is a creativity ambassador, memory keeper instructor, and crafty inspirationalist. Based right outside of Philly she is passionate about helping people embrace their moments-in-between and practice the art of life documentation through pictures + words. 

Megan’s Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Flikr

Morgan Manasa

Morgan Manasa is a fiber artist and actress in Chicago. She has exhibited her work at the Art Whino gallery in Maryland, been featured on the Mr. X Stitch blog, recorded a podcast for on crochet and filmed an episode for Morgan is also a company member and the coordinator for the Joining Sword & Pen Writing and Art Competition with Babes With Blades as well as the Managing Director for Focal Point Theatre Company. The basis of her work comes from the need for connection to loved ones and the nostalgic experiences that shape us into who we are. In other words, she’s interested in exploring the fiber between us.

Morgan’s Gallery and Shop

Kathleen Passanisi

Kathleen Passanisi, PT, CSP, CPAE, is “the boss lady” of New Perspectives, a company she founded in 1987 to address issues in wellness, life balance and the role of humor in health. An internationally recognized Hall of Fame speaker, Kathy combined her lifelong love of laughter and humor with her healthcare background and took it on the road. Kathy has taught the value of humor to clients ranging from the National Institutes of Health, The FBI, the Fortune 100, rocket scientists, married couples, hundreds of hospital and universities, and a gazillion women (her favorite audience). Her greatest achievement was the production of Annie Passanisi, creator of Whimsy for Wendys, after seven weeks spent in isolation in Labor and Delivery (and she never lets her forget it.

Kathleen’s Website (complete with video fabulosity)

Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Jennie Mustafa-Julock (alias: The Audacity Coach) helps “pretty awesome” people elevate into Extraordinary Individuals with adventurous missions + lifestyles to match. With a background in Organizational Development Consulting, Coach Jennie diagnoses “suckdom”, delineates strategies + drives people to ditch their dusty dreams and drum up new ones that rock. Her clients ditch corporate jobs to become cruise ship entertainment directors, jump outta the classroom and into educational lobbyist positions, and leave government posts to pursue heart-fueled careers in pediatric nursing. If you feel like a bright orange starburst in a square-peg world, she’s the mentor you’ve been seeking.
Jennie’s Website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Maggie Tielker

Maggie Tielker is a creative marketer and web designer living in Los Angeles, CA. She obtained her BFA in Digital Imaging, Visualization, Animation & Sound at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2010, and is certified in Digital Arts & Culture. An aspiring screenwriter, she is currently working on her third script in the horror genre. Maggie is passionate about gender equality, animal rights, scary movies (and being generally thrilled), karaoke, scented candles, vodka sodas, and Michael Jackson dance parties.
Maggie’s Website and Twitter

J. Maureen Henderson

J. Maureen Henderson is a writer and business strategist. Always for hire. Her work has appeared in the likes of Salon, The Atlantic, Jezebel, Bitch and Thought Catalog. She also doles out career guidance to future captains of industry as a regular Forbes contributor. JMH is on a mission to rescue the Manic Pixie Dream Girl label from the pejorative scrap heap one pithy bon mot and hairbow at a time. She blogs at Generation Meh and tweets as if she gets paid for it.
J. Maureen’s Website, Blog, and Twitter

Diane Reid

Diane Reid is a visual and performing artist, a drama teacher, and a joyful gypsy adventurer who lives in a treehouse on a hill just north of San Francisco. She is the innkeeper of The Dew Drop Inn, which is a metaphorical bed and breakfast designed to delight and rejuvenate creative spirits. Stardust is served daily at the inn through story, photography, film, food, and art. Diane deeply loves storytelling and nurturing artists. She manifests these passions in the world through words, pictures, performances, teaching, and coaching. She adores coffee shops, philosophical conversations, spontaneous silly songs, campfires, collaboration, winged creatures, wine, poetry, dance, and laughter.
Diane’s Website and Twitter
Megan Potter
Megan Potter is an Earth Spirit with just enough Fire added in to keep her fun and sparkly (as all things should be), she is a self-declared Goddess and an advocate for the magical power of your Self because she knows that your life is its most gorgeous when you are in the flow with who you were created to be.  She’s a tell it like it is Lobbyist for Selfishness and Brilliant Life Lover who uses archetypes – like Elements, and Goddesses, and Tarot cards – to remind you that you – Ya, You – are Freaking Perfect in every way. Come get your Face – er… Soul – read and learn to stand in your Fabulous, Prefect-ness; to pimp your inner Goddesses and feed your Elemental Nature so that you too can create a delicious, stunning, gorgeous life for yourself.
Megan’s Website, Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Bobbi Palmer

Bobbi Palmer, founder of Date Like a Grownup, is a 50-something, joyfully married, proudly imperfect, open-minded, sometime sassy, critical thinking, optimistic, gentle yet direct ex-corporate manager now Coach who has helped countless women Find Hope and then Find Him. After becoming a first-time bride at age 47 and transforming from a darn content single gal to a fulfilled and happy married one…Bobbi began helping other women do what she did.Her personal experience and passion, along with her stellar ability to teach and support you, moves you from dreading dating to joyfully searching for and finding – not just a man who loves you – but the yummy self-love that comes first.
Bobbi’s Website, Facebook, and Twitter


Bliss Mistress + Creative Passionista Premakarini {aka Justine} is an author, creative entrepreneur + philanthropist who loves to see how much fun she can get away with on a daily basis while empowering others to make the awesome difference they are here to make. Living her intrigues and passions full out, she firmly believes that life is our greatest work of art. She loves sneaking into places she shouldn’t, coming up with elaborate dance pieces and is always improvising rather bad, and therefore, very private stand-up comedy routines. She loves to sing {sorry, neighbors} and has a particular thing for ideas, intuition, meditation + the creative process as you will get to know when you play on her blog or jam with her in one of her consultations.

Premakarini’s Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Maggie Creamer

Maggie Creamer works as a reporter for the Lodi News-Sentinel outside of Sacramento, Calif. and is a writing and reading enthusiast. She dabbles in social media and has a personal blog in which she details her West Coast adventures as a Missouri transplant. She enjoys thrifting, a daily cup of hot tea, fake mustaches, dancing awkwardly both in her kitchen and in public, as well as crafting pretty things.

Maggie’s Blog and Twitter


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