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Apparently, adulthood sucks.

“The bloom is off the rose,” “you’ve had your fun” and all that’s left is a “slow crawl to the grave.” All aboard, next stop Hagstown. “But, I’m only 27 (or 37, 47, 57, 67…),” you whimper in distress. But the biological clock ticks on, ever louder, and suddenly your face and mood resemble Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy.”

  I guarantee you, from recent college grads to grandmothers, you are much more Xena: Warrior Princess than Miss Havisham – you just have to let her loose.

You may be suffering from a severe case of Wendy-itis.

Why Wendy? J.M. Barrie’s famous heroine, the paramour of Peter Pan, is painted as the very pink of youthful zeal and girlish charm until the last chapter of the book and then WHAM – she booked a one way ticket on the Crone Express. She realizes she must leave Neverland to grow up (good girl, Wendy), forgets how to fly (bad bad BAD girl, Wendy) and ships her children and grandchildren off to have fun in her place (oh, come on! Seriously?).

Wendy’s story, as beautiful as it began, has one very simple moral: when you grow up, your life (and all its joys)… just… stops.

Is her story your story, too?

You may suffering from Wendy-itis if:

  • You’re more likely to schedule a colonoscopy than a girls’ night out.
  • You’ve been told you’re not being paid to have a good time.
  • You’ve bought into the “illegal, immoral, or fattening” myth.
  • You’ve ever covered gray roots with mascara in a panic.
  • You fear your next birthday ending in 0 more than the zombie apocalypse.
  • You’ve found yourself casting jealous looks at children at play and death glares at the adults that dare join in.
  • You’ve cried your way through your favorite childhood movie, but for an entirely different reason than when you were 6.
  • You’re living your dream life – and aren’t having any fun.
  • You’ve taken your multi-vitamin with a dirty martini on more than one occasion.
  • You’ve publicly scoffed at self-help books (but secretly wonder what they say).

Newsflash: This syndrome is entirely 100% curable. No Botox required. All you need is a little whimsy.

You have not forgotten how to fly, you just need a reminder (or 12.)

Whimsy For Wendys: Joy-Infused Living for Grown Ups is your flight manual, an invitation to giggle in the face of growing pains and live your juiciest life now – at any age.
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Don’t let the frivolous connotation fool you, whimsy is a silly word that packs a major (and practical) punch. Feeling skeptical? Download a tiny taste of the awesomeness in store here.

From Manic “on the job” Mondays, to bored-to-tears-family dinners, to nerve-shattering first dates, whimsy, an act of childlike joy harnessed for restorative purposes, proves time and time again to be the ultimate game-changer. And what’s more, 9 times out of 10 it’s F-R-E-E free!

And you don’t have to just take my word for it (I’m only one Wendy, after all.)

6 coaches, 4 working artists, a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, and a journalist (read: someone whose job is to tell you the straight truth.) I’ve assembled a whole gaggle of Wendys who are not only gleeful, they’ve collectively empowered thousands of women worldwide. No, seriously, thousands.

“Who wouldn’t be inspired by a self-titled gypsy adventurer, creativity ambassador, and bliss mistress, among other things? No matter your current phase of life, you are bound to find a kindred soul among the sorority of Wendys.”         – Scrollwork, from Quirkyisms from a Tropical Transplant

The Wendys

Whimsy for Wendys includes the awe-causing giddiness-inducing wisdom of Happiness Advocate and Whimsy Coach Annie Passanisi, crafty inspirationalist Megan Collier, Jennie Mustafa-Julock – The (kickass) Audacity Coach, internationally recognized therapeutic humor expert and Speaker Hall of Famer Kathleen Passanisi, Maggie Tielker – Crown Queen of web design, fictional bed and breakfast innkeeper/adventuress Diane Reid, handmade heroine Morgan Manasa, Generation Y Know-It-All J. Maureen Henderson, Bliss Mistress Premakarini, Five Elements Diva “Limitless” Megan Potter, awkward-dancing and fair-reporting Maggie Creamer and Bobbi Palmer – esteemed expert in the ways of love.

What You’ll Receive:

  • A stunning 54 page, full-color ebook filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable ways to reclaim your childlike sense of wonder, zeal, and excitement
  • 6 heartsong inducing bonuses from manifestos to video tutorials to get you flying in no time.
  • Exclusive discounts on The Wendys’ services from business coaching to memory keeping (when you’re ready to take the next step)
  • Bursts of fear-slaying, stress-bursting, cellulite-forgetting joie de vivre. Guaranteed. (No seriously, if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund the full price, no questions asked.)

Don’t waste another minute longing for the girl you once were. Live a life that would make her green with envy (and proud as punch).

All it takes is faith, trust, and pure unadulterated whimsy.

Are you ready to be swept away?
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This “limited time” price won’t last long! Grab yours now before it flies away. (Get it, it’s all about a flight metaphor, here, people.)

What People Are Saying about Whimsy for Wendys:
“As a 37 year old woman who is finally (slowly) discovering who she really is, this book couldn’t have come along at a better time.” – Jennifer Hall

“Ho. Lee. Sh*t. This is like a plate of f@!*ing beautiful dipped in a side of booyah.” – Fabeku Fatunmise

“With all the wisdom and stories shared from these 12 wonderful women placed in one book, you are like buying assorted candies in one pack.” – Cindy Solon of Synz Memoir

“It’s an amazing ebook jam-packed with laughs, love stories, and fun how-tos to get you back to living a life of fun and adventure.” – Megan Atkinson

“The title of this book really caught my attention, I immedietely thought about fairy tales and “oh, to be young again” and that is exactly what this book has done to me. I stopped being depressed over aging, and started to appreciate every second of my life.” – Camylla Marinho

“It’s an invitation to know the Wendys better so we can recognize the Wendy in us and let her fly. It’s permission to reframe who we are by the stories we tell about ourselves. Who wouldn’t be inspired?” – Scrollwork

“Whimsy for Wendys Joy Infused Living for Grownups is a sweet reminder that we can’t let adulthood just happen. Fly! Every day is an opportunity to experience whimsy…. joy rising!” – Jacqueline R. Humphrey

“You need this book.  You deserve this book!!!  While you check out this site I’m going to go PLAY!! 
Then I’m going to read this book again and highlight more lines.  Make more notes on the side.  I’m off to be a Wendy!” – Connie Gruning of Peanut Butter and Whine

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